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Integre is an accounting firm using modern technology that opens doors to faster and human-error-free services.

Accounting processes are great candidates for robotization as they have well-defined rules, lots of digital information and quite a bit of monotony. Together with Integre, we robotized depreciation recalculation in accounting software, downloading cross-check reports from the Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate, as well as forming, reviewing and submitting reports to the Social Insurance authority when using eSignature. All this saves precious time, helps to avoid human errors and increases employee motivation.

" helped our company to kick off robotization. We felt their involvement, interest and care from day one, and we received lots of professional insights and advice. It's great that specialists from different fields can join forces to build something new and of value. We also loved that were proactive in terms of shaping particular tasks - they explored and understood our needs before the actual programming began.

Robotization is a must for accounting as it helps to avoid undesirable operations and mistakes. It also frees colleagues for other tasks, saves time and money," Vaida Jociutė, the CEO of Integre, says.


Impuls and Lemon group is one of the biggest fitness club chains present in all three Baltic countries operating 11 Impuls fitness clubs including swimming pools as well as 18 Lemon gym fitness clubs.

We helped people in the Financial Department avoid manual and mundane processes- transferring the invoices' data from one system to another.

Mantas Klevickas, Group Financial Controller: "I appreciate that we got full service, including the virtual machine infrastructure and robot licenses."


buhalterė is a company that provides accounting and consultation services to more than 1000 customers from various industries and operates in a unique outsourcing model with their accountants.

We automated data collecting and analytics of one of the accounting processes. Now it takes less than several minutes to get and process filtered data from a public source.

Ieva Kaukėnė, COO: "The tool is very intuitive. We started using it right away, without any other manuals. This digitization of the process lets us save a lot of time we used to spend on mechanical tasks - now, we can spend our time on more value-added tasks."

Baltic Shipping

"Baltic Shipping" is one of the leading companies in freight forwarding and ship agency services in the Baltic States.

With the use of Machine Learning algorithms, shipping paperwork is much easier: now, it is enough to send the shipping PDF files (CMR, Invoices, Packing List, etc.) to the robot, and digitalized information reaches transport management software in moments.

Arūnas Jankauskas, General Manager: "We are happy to have this modern tool in our pocket - OCR technologies are helping us to save time for both - our customers and our employees."

Headex Group

Headex Group is an international company providing human resource management services in Lithuania, Western Europe and Scandinavian countries.

To automate this process, we joined Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Azure OCR and Cognitive Search capabilities. So now it's enough for the workers to scan a paper document and sent it to the robot email. Then, the robot reads a document and initiates needed actions.

Rimantė Bingelienė, Head of Financial Department: "One of the main drivers to automate this process was the fact, that amount of paper documents we'll get from the State Social Insurance Fund Board was unpredictable. A typical case is that we need to process several hundreds of them during one day. Therefore, process automation reduced the unexpected load of works for the employees."


Interactio is a successful and rapidly growing startup from Lithuania developing new-generation simultaneous translation software for organisers of conferences and other events.

We analysed the process of monthly report mailing to the customers and automated the data mailing as well as suggested adjusting the format of the report to include data important for the customer.

Thus, the report mailing process was automated: from now on, on the first day of the month, the robot extracts the data from the system, compiles an attractively-looking report and mails it to the specified addresses.

This way we accelerated the processes for the customer; the users of the service acquired the possibility to receive complete reports on the first day of the month, and human errors are avoided. Consequently, manual and routine workload diminished for the company’s employees.

Baltic Institute of Technology

Baltic Institute of Technology (BIT) is one of the largest non-formal education organisations in Lithuania offering intensive courses and studies in design, programming and other fields of digital technologies. The company offers trainings in three largest cities of the country as well as distance learning globally.

For this educational institution, we developed a robotisation solution for test marking and functions of communication with candidates. We automated the process of application for new international students: after the student has completed a test on BIT’s website, further work of application administering is taken over by the robot that checks the results of the first test, mails the invitation to the second test; then, the robot checks the second test, generates an agreement and mails it to the student. Furthermore, the robot mails automatic reminders to pay the first instalment.

The implemented solutions contribute to faster communication with students and better experience as well as take over a number of routine functions that had been previously carried out by lecturers and administrative staff.

This clinic is operating in Vilnius and providing the services of a family physician, psychiatrist, dentist etc. to seniors at home and elderly care homes.

For the customer, we developed a mobile app for entering data about the patient’s condition. Seeking to avoid human error when the employees enter and store patient’s personal data, the mobile app identifies the customer by scanning a unique QR code. At the end of the working day, the data input robot enters all patients’ checkup data into the system.

The implemented solution reduces the volume of routine tasks and minimises the risk of error, whereas the health care and nursing specialists can focus on the most important task – taking care of the patient’s health and welfare.

Greitas Namo Pridavimas

Greitas Namo Pridavimas is a real estate consulting company specialising in building commissioning procedures and consulting. The company has implemented more than 100 commissioning projects involving residential houses, apartment houses and commercial objects.

This is an excellent example of the way process robotisation creates value for small companies. We developed an order management application, which, once the customer’s data has been entered, automatically generates all the documents used in the commissioning process: contracts, invoices, and all letters of information necessary for completing the construction. A task robot developed by us does not allow for forgetting or straying of a single task pertaining to the customer. Tasks are created in Microsoft Planner according to the house type and documents that have to be drawn up.

Automation accelerated the building commissioning process by more than 10 times, and this allowed a young company with a staff of just a few people to develop a ‘fast commissioning of the building’ concept and justify it in practice. Moreover, our solution minimised human error and automated the most monotonous tasks.


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