To strengthen our team, we are searching for UiPath and/or MS Power Automate programmers.

Our key requirement is passion for process automation and willingness to free up people and businesses from routine tasks.

We expect our colleagues to have practical experience in automating processes with UiPath or MS Power Automate tools.

It will be perfect it you understand the LEAN philosophy and are able to work in line with Agile principles, have experience with ABBY, OpenText or other OCR solutions.

We are open to various forms of collaboration, from project-based partnership to full-time employment. We are based in Klaipėda; however, we work successfully irrespective of the location our colleagues or customers are at.

Regarding career or cooperation opportunities, please send us an email at


+370 655 21021

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MB Erobotai

Company ID: 305664385
VAT code LT100013647816

Office: Lightouse Digital Innovation Hub, Liepų str. 83, Klaipeda, Lithuania

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