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eRobotai is a company offering process digitalisation, automation and robotisation solutions for businesses. Our purpose is making the customers’ employees happy. We believe and have experienced ourselves that automation of the most boring tasks substantially boosts the employee motivation, and happy employees are more productive.

We follow the philosophy that people with business management competences are most operative in automating the company’s processes rather than information technologies. Our team has long-term experience in business management, customer service and sales and we combine this with mathematical and managerial education as well as practical skills of applying information technologies.

At work, we focus on careful selection of processes to be automated. In situation analysis and project implementation stages, we involve people with various competences from inside or outside the companies to make sure the new processes are well-thought, effective to the maximum extent possible, and conducive to increasing the employee efficiency and overall job satisfaction for every user. Quite often, upon project implementation, the company employees become involved in process automation and start suggesting and applying new ideas of their own!

We carefully measure the benefit to investment ratio and contribute to change communication, because we realise its importance. We collaborate with programmers; however, we do maintain that modern robotic process automation (RPA) tools can be wielded not just by programmers. That is why we both implement the solution and train in using it and, where appropriate, show how to automate other fields self-sustainably. Our mission is not reducing staff, but rather ensuring that employees create more value and feel happier!

We started developing the first robotisation solutions in 2018 as a family business, which emerged from successful implementation of different robotisation solutions in friends and colleagues’ businesses as well as personal projects.

eRobotai is a Registered Reseller of UiPath.

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+370 655 21021


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Office: Lightouse Digital Innovation Hub, Liepų str. 83, Klaipeda, Lithuania

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