Common processes that can be automated

Processes that can be successfully automated

Generally, these are routine business processes proceeding according to standard and defined rules and logical sequences.

Creation of standard documents

Contracts, orders, forms, reports, automatic reminders, applications, and other standard documents, where variable information has to be input. A digital robot can input the information as well as automatically calculate the numerical values.


Managing, approving and communicating supplier invoices, division finances, business trip and other costs. All this data can be automatically input by robots in accounting or other applications and obtained from them for use elsewhere.

Human resource planning and management

Working time planning, assignment of individual employees to certain tasks, workload and task traceability, vacation management, new employee onboarding etc.

Data collection and input

Data movement between different IT systems (e.g. CRM and ERP or accounting), data migration, archiving, customer support etc. Robots can obtain or independently collect information within one system of the company and input it in another.

Different processes with clear stages and cycles

Robots can help avoid human interference in situations where upon the completion of one part of the business process, the next one could be initiated automatically.

Other business processes

Any repetitive, standard, algorithm-based task or a task requiring substantial technical efforts, defined by clear rules and not requiring creative competences can be potentially automated.


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